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    Hello Fall My Old Friend

    It’s the most beautiful time of the year!

    Summer slows down and the weather cools off to bring you a new season with new adventures.  As we all embrace a new season and a curve into our closets to say farewell and leave behind the trends of 2017, I  anticipate what the fall/winter trends will bring.  Heading off to Donate my oldie boots to the local thrift (don’t forget your receipt for tax write offs)  to make some room for these new awesome Ankle Boots of 2018 Fall Trends.  Above all, Ive listed a few stationary rules to always remember while keeping  up with the latest and greatest fashion trends.

    • Be yourself
    • Be comfortable
    • Be original
    • Be confident

    Fashion comes in many different styles and genres, as long as you have the two most important pieces together, well everything else seems to fall directly into place.  With your crown polished (hair done) and your feet tailored (shoes on point) these are the TOP TWO most noticeable amongst any others and  always make the first impression.

    “Keeping your crown polished and your feet tailored”

    I love the diversity and the style of great boot!  There are so many options out there that vary in color and textures to make any plain ol’ outfit look like a total masterpiece.  I’m a HUGE fan of the “perfectly undone” look for everything.  A little bit of spice mixed with lazy add a dash of confidence and top it off with your personality and you have the perfect combination of the best you “look”.  I have spotted out a few of my favorite boots/booties for the Fall Trends 2018.  


    Somewhere between Summer and Fall Bootie~

    The perfect way to ease into the cooler weather but you still hang on to a little bit of summer, consider the Free People Woman’s Flat Royal.  Leather upper comfy slip on ankle boot that pairs well with shorts, skirts, dresses or jeans.  Making this an all time “go to”.  Looks great with shorts, and jeans even leggings.

    Free People Royal Flat

    Sebago, and Adios Summer..  Hello Cute Chukka Boot. 

    I almost made it to first place!  I can not say enough about how much I LOVE this boot!  The cuteness overall and and the comfort is beyond any other shoe I have ever owned! The best thing about this shoe is the more you wear it, the better it looks!  I love this with skinny jeans rolled up or even a wide leg jean rolled up with a cute top.  you will not be disappointed with this baby!  Available in several different colors, but this is my all time favorite!


    Sebago Women’s Claremont Chukka Boot


    Never Fail Classes Black Boot by 206 Collective 

    Classic black boot that needs no words!  Sleek elegant and matches everything!   Consider wearing this Chukka boot with a wide leg bottom jean rolled up few cuffs, and tight fitting black/brown snug tee.  High quality leather materials and feels amazing from the moment you slip her on.


    206 Collective Women’s Everett High Heel Ankle Bootie


    Yes babe, its called a City Boot ~  Jewel by Kork-Ease

    I have owned several pairs of boots in my lifetime, and I will stand behind this boot as far most the most Comfortable and Stylish boot I have ever owned.  Looks better and better the more you wear it and don’t be afraid to get it wet!  I love to wear this with a flowey dress (my fav from Anthropologie)  and a cute plain white tee.  Of course, looks great with skinny jeans and a wide leg.  Available in multiple colors.

    Kork-Ease Jewel

    Lace me up Scottie~ The Mona by Kork-Ease

    When I say I am a fan of Work-Ease, I mean it!  I can stand in this boot all day, and run a mile if I need to.  My oldest pair is about 7 years old and still going strong.  If you are a fan of details, leave it to this Gem.  Laces loaded with sophistication and sex appeal!

    Kork-Ease Mona Boot


    I just need a cute simple black boot, I got a busy day! ~Summerwhisper Mid Heel Lace-up

    So you got a busy day, you want to look good and you really don’t have alot of time to spend to get ready!  I keep this little guy handy!  The summerwhisper is turning heads with a pointed toe, fashionable thin laces and simple appearance is capable of keeping you on heels without breaking the bank or your feet.  Again, this boot looks great with just about any type of outfit!

    Summerwhisper Mid Ankle Lace-up Boot


    Furthermore, I would like to insert that we have the ability to be do or have anything we want in this life.  I like to encourage you all to be the best you that you can be!  Fashion is a great outlet to express ourselves, without saying a word.  Embrace your unique style and Own It!.

    Please do share below your favorite boot!  Share your link in the comments below, I would lOVE to check it out!   Happy Fall fashion y’all!

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