• Declutter in a Jiffy

    A cluttered space can really have an effect on the way you work!  For me, it creates a feeling of overwhelment with a pinch of Anxiety.  Sometimes even procrastination can be your best or worst enemy depending on what mood your in.  I have put together a list of things that work for me below.

    “REMEMBER, Try not to let things pile up on you’


    1. Just throw it away!

    Chances are you have sat down with the intention to clean up the mess, but you end up picking up one item  and saying to your self  “I might need this” when you haven’t used it in Months or even Years..  If its new, or in good condition, consider donating to a local donation bank/school or charity.  Kudos for a tax right off!


    2.Cordinate and Give Everything a Home

    Now that you have decided what to keep, now is a great time to wipe everything down and make it look new again.  I really like this set up.  It’s completely customizable, and availiable in several different colors.  It keeps everything off the desk and give you a great space to create it how you like it!


    3. Lighting is Important

    Lighting has an effect on the area.  When I worked in the office  environment, I used to really dislike the bright white overhead sealing lights, so I purchased my own lamp and brought it to my desk.  It really made a difference.  I prefer a warm light, it feels much more comfy and cozy and I get settled in with a cup of coffee and start my day.  This lamp is beautiful, modern and clean.  The ambiance is Perfect!


    4. Hide your Cords

    This one for me is a biggie.  No one likes to see stream of cords hanging down from the wall to all over your desk.  This little Guy is multi beneficial with a charging station and a Lifetime warranty!  Super Sleek appearance keeps your cords tangle free and the no slip bottom keeps them in their place.  Pet and Kid friendly!


    5.  Add some Art or Something Happy

    I like to have something silly, or something that can make me smile throughtout the day.  This for you can be nice picture, a comforting flower, or a Einstein Paper Clip Holder!  Anything that can take the edge off of you day and give you a little break in between!


    6. Last but not least, a Great Chair!

    Keeping your spine in alignment is a proven method of stating balanced and keeping digestion at its best.  Dont skip out on a comfortable seat, especially if thats where you spend most of you time.  Alot of companies emphasize on appearance, but we think comfort and appearance should be an item!  That is why we chose  Mysuntown Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Back/Neck and Head support.  5 Star reviews breathable material and everything is absolutely perfect about this chair!  Try it out for yourself and if you are not 100% Satisfied, the company will refund your complete purchase.  I am certain you will not be disappointed!

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