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  • Hello Spring Hair 2019

    Goodbye winter hair blues, you were so last season!  Hello spring hair season!

    Lets ponder hair trends and work.  If you take that 70’s shag and blow it out straight/curl the tips upward with a flatiron or a curling iron and VIOLA you have a  90’s inspired Lisa Rinna do.  Take that same exact hair cut and use a smaller curling iron and start those curls/waves from the middle of the strand of the hair using a half curl method and VIOLA you have exactly the modern day inspired shag that’s just-right length and looks good on everyone


    The secret to hair trends is’nt the “new do” or the “new trending haircut” in fact, all of these haircuts were once “trending”.  The secret is in the styling method and the products you use!


    This season we are re-embracing the “blunt cut”.  Mostly inspired from vintage 60’s like Mariane Faithfull and her Eye grazing fringe, to Anita Pallenburg and her blunt cuts with a fringe that was made for her face.  Lets not forget about Joni Mitchell who still inspires hairdressers everywhere with her long gorgeous locks with fringe benefits.  Yoko Ono set the stage for the early 2018 hair vibes with that striking center part and to this day its still going stronger than ever!


    The fresh, collarbone-grazing cut has all the chicness of a swingy bob, but it falls at a length well within most people’s comfort zone. Plus, it’s still long enough to be pulled back in a pony, and you can still  ride the wave of the top knot (if you wish).


    With the flexibility and slight edginess with a cherry on top, it’s no surprise the mid blunt cut  inspiration is everywhere. So, to help you differentiate between all the adorable lobs on Instagram.  Ive gathered a few of my favorite spring inspirations for your new hair cut.

    Taking in to consideration you’re aesthetic is blunt and polished, styled with a center-part and (my favorite) a curtain fringe,  or you want to add some flair — with bangs, texture, an A-line shape, or feathered layers (or not)— Take Spring by the flowers, and blossom your way into hair confidence!

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    Blunt Lob

    The shoulder-skimming lob has been trending since 2018 with slight modifications. If you find your source for hair inspiration by scrolling through Instagram, you may have noticed that many fashion influencers are rocking a trendy center part shag or a longer mid-length lob/bob — both blunt and polished.  Consider asking your stylist to cut into the ends of your hair if you tend to have finer hair for extra body and more movement.

    Oh Hailey Bieber, you just Kill it with this one!  Moving right along to the above the shoulder lob is very popular right now, but that the stylist shouldn’t cut it razor-sharp. “With this cut, I would recommend slicing out weight in the backend keeping those ends clean!  Center part for the win!
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    The best part about a shaggy blunt lob is the styling versatility — we’re particularly into the center part paired with softly flipped ends.  This cut is great for fine hair.

    Fringy Lob

    The shag haircut is another a major trend right now. While you can infuse shag — heavy layers and lash-skimming bangs — into any length, hair that falls just around the shoulder seems to be the sweet spot.

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    If your hair is fine and curly, celebrity stylist Jillian Halouska recommends asking your stylist to blur the edges of your cut, softening the perimeter with long, seamless layers. Add a wispy bang and you’ll have an edgy-yet-polished style
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    When your ends fall right at your shoulder, you have length to play with. Consider playing around with some pastel colors to enhance your vibes!  We are totally loving this Shadow Rooted Rose Gold.

    Blurred A-line Lob

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    If you’ve been considering a shorter cut but can’t commit to the short bob you can achieve the same vibe — unexpected texture with longer layers tilted towards the front — with a mid-length cut you can comfortably pull back into a ponytail.

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    Fun and Subtle mid-length is a bonus for fine wavy hair.  Consider a deep side part for some major wave action.  Add some honey baby lights around your face to brighten it all up.
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    Keeping it classy and fun, we are always up for this cute little chin length bob!  Sleek and sexy and you can still curl it to amp up the volume!.  This cut is very diverse and you can go from day to evening with the switch of a lip stick!
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    Feathered Lob

    If you’re looking to infuse some texture in your lob without adding bangs or an A-line tilt, consider long, soft layers blended through mid-shaft to ends of the hair.

    And always dont be afraid to play around with something a little different.  Be Creative, expressive, and expensive!

    xoxo ~ Cheers!

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