• If You’re Not Buying These At Dollar Tree, You’re Paying Too Much!

    As I was standing in line to check out at out local Dollar Tree, I pondered the thought of how in the world can a business this size be continually successful and thrive if everything in the store is a dollar including a loaf of bread and glass jars?

    How is it that Target, Walmart, or Food Lion can have the same items that cost upwards $4.00 or more and yet Dollar Tree have them for only $1.00?   I decided to dig in and do some research to  compare prices and see exactly how great of deal or not I was getting.  Upon my review, I compared a list of ingredients, expiration dates, weight per item and packaging ect.  I conclude: If you are buying any of  these items below at any other places Besides Dollar Tree well, you’re paying too much my friend!  Too much as in Double or Quadruple the price at Dollar Tree.

    As you prepare to be just as shocked as I was, keep in mind that some items at Dollar Tree  you’re better off getting somewhere else, due to amount per price  (but that will be in a separate post).  However, lets take a look at what you should be getting from your local Dollar Tree!

    I would also like to mention, that because online shopping is at it’s Height, Dollar Tree offers a great online store.  You can find it here at Dollar Tree.  Shopping Online also offer many items that may not be available at your local store, so its best to always look online for the best deals.  


    Glass Counter Top Apothecary Jars (Varouis Shapes)              VS TARGET $15.99









    Plackers Dental Floss 60 Ct           VS TARGET $2.99  











    Batteries                                                             VS TARGET $4.29 










    Toothburshes                            VS TARGET $2.99












    The Original Guacachip               VS WALMART $13.95












    iPhone Glass Protector Cover             VS TARGET $44.99













    Scotties Facial Tissue                    VS TARGET $2.99












    Betty Crocker 4ct 16.05 oz. Storage Container with Lids        VS TARGET $10.69












    Sesame Street Hushables Flushable Wipes         VS TARGET $2.19











    Vitamin A&D Cream         VS TARGET $3.29 










    Glass Cappuccino/Coffee Mug              VS TARGET $9.99











    Party Supplies/Balloons         VS TARGET $15.99











    Colorful Plastic Tumbler Set 8 count 9oz.            VS TARGET $4.99













    48 ct Plastic Ware               VS TARGET $8.52













    Gift Tissue Paper 25 Sheet Pack         VS TARGET $4.49


    Mother Maid Cherry Pie Filling                  VS TARGET $1.89 












    Food Coloring 4 count              VS TARGET $6.99













    Essential Brown Collapsable Storage Container with Handles         VS TARGET $9.99














    If you have a “SUPER DOLLAR TREE” find, please share it with us!  I am always looking for a great surprise buy and Dollar Tree ..  Make sure you subscribe to out post!  We will be sharing with you next the “Worst Dollar Tree Purchases”.  You will be surprised that you are paying wayyy to much for that item and its only a Dollar!





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