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Dry Shampoo, Look No More!


I have saying…  “When you Lσσƙ Gσσԃ you Fҽҽʅ Gσσԃ  Its proved, therefore when it comes to your hair, If I ever have a bad hair day, my whole day is a mess..  So I resort to Bobby Pins, and Dry Shampoo.  I have short hair, so the Dry Shampoo is  E⃣   s⃣   s⃣   e⃣   n⃣   t⃣   i⃣   a⃣   l⃣ for the bobby to hold the short pieces.

I always go to R&Co Death Valley   to Seal the Deal.  It smells terrific, has the hold, and doesnt make my hair feel too dirty.  Price $30 at R&Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo


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