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     Fashion Makes Sence, Fashion Sensing is Where you Start

    I personally love to call my fashion style a little bit of eclectic rebel mixed with sultry sophisticated.  I know, go ahead and try to visualize it…  I like to mix things, like take a top that says “having brunch in FRANCE or a light snack in PARIS” with “Im going dirt bike riding in a bit” but Im still sexy and comfortable.  If you know what I mean!

    Fashion is not only something to be admired by many, but is to be apperciated by all.  Its a flavor of life, a taste of our personality, a glimpse into how we feel.  And that is beyond any word that comes out of our mouth.  Its the first impression!

    Most people have a conflicting time matching their fashion likes with their personalities.  This post is here to  help you easily combind the two!  Using this list I will help you achieve your Image and help mold you’re fashion ability to where you want to be.


    Lets Get Started….

    1. First, you must understand your personality!  – Rule of thumb, always stay true to who you are inside.  I like to use this as an example.  I could never imagine blue streaks in Hillary Clintons hair, or see Kate Middleton in all leopard print.
    2. What makes you feel good? You know that good pair of fitting jeans that fit absolutely perfect in every way and compliment your curves to perfection?  Well, those jeans believe it or not will probably look absolutely amazing with stilettos and a button up collard shirt, or a fresh pair of Converse with tank or tee.
    3. What colors/fabrics are complimentary to your skin/hair/eyes? – Always Always Always stay within your complimentary color range.  This can make or break you entirely, so pay attention to what brings out the best in you. (see chart below)

    1. What do you want your overall goal to be?  What are you trying to achieve?  Are you looking to find help for a certain occassion or event?  Or are you looking to break thru to who  you really are inside and let your self shine?


    Now that we have touched on some of the basics,  and you have a clear vision of what your overall goal is, lets look at some sets that I have put together to help define a few styles.


    Denim Comfort Flirty Confidence 


    The Georgia Jumpsuit
    Jenny Zip Denim Jumper
    Agatha Dress


    Leith Oversize DB Coat
    Madewell Northside Vintage Tee
    Camile Denim Overall Dress
    Born Magpie Bootie










    Day & Night Duos

    EF Velvet Dress
    Lace Trim Satin Jump
    Madewell Apron Slipdress
    EF Silk Tunic Dress
    Nico Mule




    Top Shop Velvet Blazer



















    Gorjana Necklace






    Pretty Polished & Proper

    Madewell Gemma
    Madewell 9-inch Skinny Jeans
    Madewell Eyelet Ruffle
    Mockneck Pullover Madewell











    Canvas MisMatch Studs



    Madewell Velour Cords
















    When you look good, you feel good and Confidence is always key!  I hope al this helps to give you some ideas.  I am always up for the challenge if you need additional assistance, or request to help with your image!  Please contact me for more information!



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