• Life is Tricky Babe, Stay in Your Magic!

    Chin Up Buttercup Life Gets Tricky!!


    I interact with multiple personalities on a daily basis.  Some quiet, some, loud, some nervous, some happy, some sad, some inconsiderate, and some are just HeÁven Sent!  But most of all, they are unique and 1 of a Kind with most of the same issues as you and I and everyone else.

    To add to that, we all live in a world that is predominated by the “status quo” of social media.  An imaginary place where one chooses who and what he/she wants to be and what they want the world to see!  Strike a pose, take that perfect shot, edit, photoshop, filter it, crop, hashtag it and wait patiently for the gates of Instagram to open and the  likes to flood in.  My point simply is that; a picture is just a picture and its supposed to look good.  It doesn’t capture the unfortunate moments that we think is a hender.

    I suppose you are familiar with the term “Fake it till you make it” and for this reason, I feel that Instagram can be a great tool to help you create your desires and follow your passions to be inspired and help mold you into that certain someone that you look up to or want to be like.  It’s a game changer when it comes to keeping you on board of what your mates are up to, and the rest of the world for that matter. Social Media  lets you take a peek into the  day to day lifestyle and what matters most to them.  Some actually make  a living off social media, and I will get into that a little later on a different post.

    In this post, I wanted to send out a bit of encouragement to all those that struggle to find their place in the world of #hashtags.  If you don’t have a million followers or even a thousand, well that doesn’t matter.  Just be yourself and do what you like and have fun with.  Be authentic and cater to what inspires you the most.  Stop comparing yourself to someone else, and focus on you’re strengths.  Find an “Insta Model (not that instagram model that post millions of selfies) But the Instagram account that inspires you and correlates with your ideas.  Watch what they do and how they do it!  Mimc their actions and soon you will be blossoming into a little protege’ of your favorite Social Media Icon….. Yippie!

    I also wanted to touch on Meditation and Self appreciation!  Meditation goes wayyyyy back.  Its been a tool that has been used for many many years to ease tension and quiet the mind and to help make decisions.  Its takes practice and you WILL be able to do it with consistency.  I say 24 min a a day preferable in the am right when you get up.  Focus on a light sound and block thoughts that want to creep in.  You will reach a state of calmness !  Thats connection and Thats important!

    Like I said earlier, we all have issues and believe me when I say most of have somewhat of the same problems, I mean it!  Just because so and so might seem like she has it all together on the outside, on the inside, she is probably screaming for help!  That is life!  It is supposed to unfold, not roll out like the Red Carpet!   

    Then there is destination to where you want to be.  This is the important part that is mostly overlooked)  The Destination is the walk to the park to get to the bench, or the drive across the country to get to the otherside.  You don’t dread the walk thru the park because your in a hurry to get to the bench?  right?  Or no way do you take a road trip and hurry to get to the end??? You savor it, every moment!  Get really good at being present!  Open your eyes, feel with your heart, your hands and EMBRACE this entire life that you are living!  Because when you are feeling good on your path to your destination you are lighting up every other path that will also take you where you want to be!

    I enjoy promoting positivity!  I would love to hear what you all do to help when “Life Gets Tricky”  What tools do you use?  I love to meditate, I usually do this first thing in the morning!  I tell myself that “Today, is going to be great!  It will have some highs and lows, but there is purpose in them all” Be kind to everyone you meet!  Keep your distance from those that drain your energy and Keep your eyes on the prize!

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