• Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa… WHAT?

    Thats right!  Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa.  The secret Chinese herbal elixir that I keep 365 days a year in my fridge!

    Three years ago, I discovered this stuff while on a stroll in our local Chinese Grocery store searching for some clear cellophane  noodles for my fav noodle recipie.  While I was walking around looking at all the intricate details  artfully displayed on the children’s packaged cookies, I realized I was starting to feel like I was coming down with a cold.

    I proceeded to finish my shopping journey which led me to the hot tea section.  Most of the items are written in Chinese, so I needed some help from an associate to decode and translate some of the labeling.

    While we were talking about tea’s, I asked him which tea would be good for a cold.  He looked at me and asked me if I “had cold” and proceeded to guided me towards this very small section of cold relief and homeopathic items.  The comparison between the standard US/American grocery store cold med section and the Chinese grocery store medicine is wayyyyyyyyyy different, much like  90% smaller if not more than ours.

    Anyway, he handed me this glass bottle of which was very hard to pronounce and filled with what appeared to be a thick consistency of Karo Syrup.  He began to tell me that his family back home keeps this in their fridge all the time and his mom would give this to him when he complained of any ailment.  He sold me on it and I gave it a shot.  Needless to say it works!

    In the name of the company, king-to means “capital”, referring to Peking and nin jiom means “in memory of my mother”;[1] hence, it stresses the important virtue of filial piety. Pei pa koa means “loquat syrup”.The product is marketed under the brand name Cap Ibu dan Anak (Malay for “Mother and Son Brand”, referring to the brand’s logo) in Malaysia and Indonesia, also acronymed as OBIDA (as in Obat Ibu dan Anak) in the latter country.

    The formula for Nin Jiom Pei Koa was reportedly created by Dr. Ip Tin-See, a Qing Dynasty physician born about 1880. Yang Jin, a county commander, asked Doctor Ip to treat his mother’s persistent cough. They were so impressed that they created a factory to mass-produce it. In 1946, the Yang family sold the business to Tse Sui-Bong, a medicine practitioner, who founded the Nin Jiom Medicine Manufactory. The company was formally incorporated in 1962, and continue to manufacture and sell the product worldwide.

    The flavor somehow reminded me of something my mom gave me when I was much younger.  It’s a bit minty actually tastes like a legit cough syrup.  It’s not awful but  actually very pleasant!  The consistency is a bit thick (I don’t mind it, neither does my nine year old) and we take it straight out of the fridge.  However, some people add this to a hot lemon water tea.  Take this as directed when you feel tired, wore down or you need a boost to your immune system.  Its safe for children and adults, with no side effects and a traditional in Chinese medicine.

    If you have tried Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, let me know what you think!  If not, you go give it a try and I promise you will keep a bottle in your fridge year round!















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