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  • Sitting in Sushi

    As I place the chop sticks ever so eloquently down on the slab of wasabi beside my bowl of half eaten salad with ginger dressing, my attention quickly passes over to the family of three entering the restaurant.

    Focused on the paper lantern lighting that hangs from the ceiling, they scan the restaurant for the ideal place to sit and enjoy the asian ambiance for a comfy family meal.  They choose the booth directly in font of me by the window.

    Delanie, who just entered into the 5th grade is having a night out with grandma and grandpa for Sushi.  Being the notable observer I am, I cant help but to enjoy listening to the loving conversation of grandpa with his deep voice, yet ever so soft as he suggest various rolls for “Grandma and Delanie to try.  Conflicted by the menu, they select one roll each varying from seaweed to classic Maki to my favorite the Centipede Roll.  They place their order with a trio of Miso soup and three waters with lemon. “That will be great” he says.

    Grandpa begins to compliment Delanie and praise her for how well she has been doing in school and how proud of her he is.  With a few comparrisons to her sister,  Grandma shakes her head and agrees as she peers out the window to observe passer by’s.  He is very encouraging and has a very warm demeanor with flashing white hair.

    I finish my first glass of red wine house Pinot Noir, and sit alone admiring the love between this family.  Considerably very rare and hard to come by,  a bond with grandparents is a  blessing to have. I smile between their breaks of silence, eager to hear more, Grandma doesn’t say much.

    Their Sushi arrives, tailored nicely;  three rolls for three people!  Grandpa’s glasses are slim and slightly shaded to conceal his eyes, it’s only apparent he is looking at his meal.   Delanie is delighted and eagerly shows grandpa how to use the chopsticks.  He struggles hold them correctly but says “if its food, I’ll find a way to eat it” they chuckle.

    Silence hovers over the table briefly as 6 reddish white carnations sit still in a glass vase filled with fresh water as a center piece.

    Grandpa continues to praise how well the combination of sushi was presented, as he begins to tell a story from his past where he lived in California and his first taste of a California Roll and a sumo wrestler or whatever.   If I had to guess, maybe somewhere around 1930 or so.

    Delanie grabs the last of the two sushi rolls and say’s “these are my favorite”!  Grandpa says out loud..  Hey, I got an idea!  How about we head over to Duck Donuts for dessert after here and each get a donut, but just one because last time I ate too much and I didn’t feel well..  Grandma recommends the ice cream cake that she specifically bought for Delanie stay and says we should do that instead.  Delanie eagerly jumps up and down and says YES!  Grandpa says he has special movie for them to watch, and they can eat ice cream and watch the movie!  It’ll be great!

    Grandpa pays the bill, thanks the server and the Sushi Chefs, and they each head towards the front door to enjoy their evening.

    Im not exactly sure why I felt so attached to this family??  Maybe because I have never experienced something like this?  Maybe it was because I felt the love between them so strong and it was something so unique, I wish I could be apart of.

    One thing for sure, as I sat here to relax and unwind from busy day and enjoy a meal, I was gracefully presented with this family who took the time to appericiate each other and that felt good!

    I will never know what that feels like from Delanie’s point of view, but I only aim to feel what its like from Grandma and Grandpas point of view.

    Life is a beautiful thing, once we start to see the beauty in it!  Love the one you have around you that love you so deeply!

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