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    When it comes to skin care and everything in between, Im certain I’ve tried it all!  Growing up with troubled skin and frustraed with pretty much everything out there,  I started doing my own research to find out what would work for me!

    My skin has always been oily, which leads to constant breakouts.  With that, covering up with makeup only created a situation upon a situation.  I truly understand what its like for people to struggle with Acne prone skin, and therefore I am here to give you all the best advice on how you CAN turn it around!

    First of all, you need to understand your skin condition.  If you have oily skin, you might want to refrain from products containing any ingredient that may add to the problem.  Same thing goes for dry skin, as you may want to refrain from any ingredient that may make your condition much worse!

    I am very strict with my skin care regimen, and I am 100% consistent with this more so that anything else in my daily routine!  I take two showers a day!  For some reason, I do not feel awake or clean unless I take a shower and all that before my day begins.  I wash off the nightly treatments, and get my skin prepared for the treatments I wear durning the day.

    Night Routine

    I start by using  Philosophy Purity Skin Cleanser.  Not one harsh ingredient listed, no suds and removes every single layer of makeup, dirt and oil without stripping skin of moisture.

    After cleansing, I follow with the Philosophy Micro Exfoliant. This is gentle enough to use everyday.  Tiny little micro beads remove the dead skin cells and helps to keep the pores clean.  I like to leave this on for a few minuets after exfoliating to really clean out those pores. A little bit goes a long way!


    After cleansing and my face is completely dry, I always apply Hylamide SubQ Anti-Aging Advanced Serum.  Loaded with 11 essential ingredients that combat fine lines, wrinkles, texture issues, sogginess and even goes below the skin surface to help plump areas lacking natural Hyaluronic Acid and connecting with tissues to help plump those areas.  Contains copper peptides for a notably difference within just two weeks of use!

    After the Clear Serum are applied, I apply my Retinol.  I alternate between Avenue Retrin AL 0.1 and their Retrin 0.05. These must be applied to “dry” skin.  Allow about 10 min after water based serums to sink in before applying this.  I alternate the two because of the varying strengths.  The 0.1 is stronger than the 0.05, so I like to alternate every few days to make sure I’m not over doing it!  The products are listed as “top favorites” by doctors, surgeons and dermatoligist world wide!  No wonder they are amazing, and now you can by them directly from the company!

    After I apply the Retinol, I usually let them sink in for about 10 min before applying anything else.  Usually a night cream or moisturizer mask.  One I have used for a vey long time that continues to last and is versatile is the Bobby Brown Skin Nourish Mask.  I was in love with this from the very first time I tried it!  You can use this two ways.  You can apply a thick layer to your face and leave it on for a while and remove the rest with a cloth (not me).  I like to apply a think layer and leave on over night for maximum benefit. Why I love this!!!  Its Enriched with coral grass and green algae, this powerful mask helps repair skin’s natural moisture barrier and reduces the look of fine, dry lines when used three times per week. Chlorella extract and murumuru butter help boost collagen production, strengthen skin’s moisture barrier and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  I always apply around eyes, and once a week to entire face overnight.

    Morning Routine

    I always start my day using yet again Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Salicylic Wash This helps to keep my skin from getting so shiny during the day and especially helps my t-zone area,  

    Tone those pores to refine and seal them up!  Toner is important.  Its like the icing on the cake, the shoe to the sock, the  ice to the lemonade, you need it!  So, with this I have a few favorites. My first and favorite is Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal .  Pure witch hazel and rose water delivers a natural astringent that wards off bacteria and dissolves oil.  I feel this helps me with retaining balance.



    My next fav is Algenist SPLASH Hyrating Setting Mist.  Ahhh..  Let me just tell you that I keep this in my bag to re-fresh my makeup and cool me off thru out the day!  Super lightweight Serum mist Equipped with sea minerals is the best I have ever used!  Doubles as a makeup setting spray and a hydrator.

    Water Based Serums always come next!  Some may choose botox, and some may not, but for those looking to seek a slightly similar benefit without all the toxins, may want to try the sister to Botox, which is
    ARGIRELINE™  It is a proprietary solution of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. Controlled studies have shown that ARGIRELINE™ improves the appearance of facial areas prone to developing dynamic folds, including around the eyes and in the forehead area.  I use this daily!

    I often alternate between Vitamin C Serums and Collagen Serums.  These both can be combined with a supporter such as an antioxident that helps to repel pollutions in the environment, and convert Hydrogen into oxygen.  I use each of these separate alternating between days.

    Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen  coming in with a whopping ***** ~ (See the reviews and before and after pictures to believe it) is a staple!  This product speaks volumes by its self!

    Avenue A-Oxitive Antioxidant Defend Serum  Advanced complex of time-released Vitamin C and E precursors, enhanced with a powerful antioxidant booster, neutralize free radicals caused by environmental and lifestyle stressors. Fast-absorbing serum protects and visibly plumps the skin to preserve a younger, brighter complexion.

    Mario Badescu Vitamine C  Serum –   I love this for many reason!  Price tag being one factor, and the reputation of this brand is remarkable!  Lightly pat onto skin and let it rest.  Go lightly with this one.  About 1-2 drops will do.  Use this with sunscreen!

    These are my staples!  I always have them on hand and I and throughly consistent with my routine!  This is what works for me and has been for several years!  I have a few other items that I use here and there, such as mask and skin peels that I will post in a separate blog for ‘Skin Treatments”

    Also, make sure you get plenty of water to drink.  That always does way more for your skin than anything!  Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you think!  Cheers to great skin!

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