• The Grinch Stole The Hershey Kisses “Tips”

    If you are planning on doing some Holiday baking this season, don’t be surprised when you find out “The Grinch Stole The Hershey Kisses Tips” off all the kisses 🙁  At least we still have Christmas right?

    Bakers all over the world are apparently outraged and who brought this injustice to the attention of Hershey’s.

    A Spokesman for Hershey’s immediately prompted a direct message to the Bakers community responded stating  “We appreciate their love of the brand and taking the time to bring the appearance of our iconic Hershey’s Kisses to our attention. We are looking at the issue now. We understand that bakers’ expectations are high for an iconic brand that is more than 100 years old because they are proud of their desserts.”


    Beckman continued: “Our Hershey’s Kisses brand team reached out directly to the Wedding Cookie Table Community over the weekend to donate a number of our iconic baking items as a thank you for their love of the Hershey’s brand and our Kisses and to heartwarm their holidays.”

    As the complaints continued to flood in. “It doesn’t change the taste but no rationale will ever be good enough to explain this! It’s like looking at a rose bush with all of the flowers snipped off!” one person wrote. Another believed that it was Hershey’s way to cut costs. “Think about how many kisses are made in a day. If they cut the tops of every single one, imagine the left over chocolate they save to make additional kisses at the same cost.” Another said, “Shame on the Hershey Company!! These pictures should be proof enough — reform the tips!!!”

    There is just something to be said about little chocolate drop with the perfect tip chocolate topper.  Although it doesn’t affect Hershey’s Kisses taste, it certainly give the  thumbprint cookies a not so  aesthetic appearance!

    Usually, Hershey’s Kisses arrive with a flat bottom and a fine point on the top. Hopefully Hershey’s can get this corrected asap in time for Santa and the MASS Cookie exchange.


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