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    Indie brand Amkiri officially unveiled a new, never before seen category in beauty as The World’s First Visual Fragrance on International Fragrance Day. With scientifically developed technology that combines the senses of smell and sight, Amkiri is designed to enable the complete freedom of multi-sensory self-expression – making the invisible, visible, said the company.



    I have used several “temporary” design tattoos but none have came close to this.  This gives artist the ability to extend their creativity and put their own unique twist on it.  Icing on the cake is the personalized fragrance.  To make it even better, you can even wear this in the water and in the ocean!

    Its Amkiri Wand & Stencil Set ($60) ensures the most precise application along with personalized creativity. Each stroke delivers a unique combination of sight and scent, producing beautiful body art with long-lasting fragrance. AMKIRI Wands are available in two styles: The Wand has a wider brush to make stenciling a snap when paired with Variety Stencils – sold as a set with the exclusive debut scent. The Freehand Wand has a finer tip for those who want to transform their bodies into the ultimate canvas. Used on its own, or as a complement to the Wand, the Freehand Wand allows the user to design unique patterns with smooth strokes, said this brand on the rise.

    Image Cred & More info: https://amkiri.com/

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